So How Does Our Airplants Workshop Works?

So How Does Our Airplants Workshop Works?

Hi Club! We've been wanting to organize workshops in few cities throughout Malaysia, as we've only carried out workshops in Ipoh, Perak. Do drop us a message in our Instagram to let us know where do you want us to carry out our workshops!

There are 3 options that participants can choose from, prices ranging from RM35 to RM99. 


The Small Glass Globe, priced at RM35 consists of only one air plant, Bamboo Tray, priced at RM90 and Big Glass Globe, priced at RM99 comes with 3-4 air plants considering sizes of air plants that are suitable to fit in.

The final product will be carried home by participants to be displayed in their desired areas at home or workspace. We highly recommend participants choose the Bamboo Tray package, as it brings out harmony and moments of peace as we look at it more. In fact, as we start to enjoy having them in our spaces, we tend to de-stress.

Now, that's one of the Main Reason to Participate in this Workshop

Through the Airplants Garden Workshop, individuals can:

1. De-Stress

These days, either workspace or at college, we tend to always bring back the negative impact we endure, back home after a long day. This happens because the stress level that we tolerate is really high and we couldn't resist it anymore. This can highly cause unnecessary stress that we don't need in our personal life. Thus, when you participate in the workshop, you can wind down what you've been tolerating all these while and calmly build up the desired space for your air plants. This can help to de-stress because no one will judge you and there's no right or wrong in creativity. That's our motive while we carry out the workshop. We want you to be you and really be de-stressing throughout the workshop.

2. Relax

As you're carrying out building the Airplants Garden, your only focus during that time would be "How can I build a space for my air plants?" and the good news is there's no right or wrong! Which means you can enjoy and relax building anything you wish to during the workshop. With that in mind, you get to slowly come up with a design, put up rocks and pebbles, and end up with a space for 3 to 4 air plants. Now, that's definitely relaxing.

3. Satisfying

Being in a space where there's no right or wrong, we promise that you'll not be judged by us nor anyone else. We will only explain to you the steps that need to be taken and everything else will be settled by yourself! Isn't that great? We do realize that you've been micro-managed in work, controlled by parents/partners and we do not want to be one of it. We want you to really build something that you will be satisfied in the end, despite whatever people say. Hence, take this workshop as a safe space for you.

Here's the Pricing List:


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We'll meet you soon! 

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