Air Plants Things Everyone Should Know (5+2 Benefits!)

Air Plants Things Everyone Should Know (5+2 Benefits!)

Hi Club! We're back with another article, this time is to tackle questions that almost everyone is asking. We'll be answering 5 different questions which are:

  1. What are Air Plants?
  2. Why should you get one?
  3. Why is it so costly?
  4. How do you take care of it?
  5. 5 Benefits of Air Plants (+2 more! Stay tuned to the end)

What are Air Plants?
Air Plants, or Tillandsias (their other name), are plants that can be found in the jungles of  Central and South America, Mexico, and some other European Countries. Air plants' roots are mainly used for attaching themselves towards supporting subjects such as trees in the jungles. In addition, air plants' roots do not work like how normal plants work, meaning they do not absorb water and nutrients from them. Their leaves do the job. This is because these tiny holes on the leaves called the trichomes to absorb water when we water them. Hence, they're a type of plant which does not need soil, does not need to be watered daily, and do not need much commitment!

Why should you get one?
Air plants are really easy to handle, busy people or work-oriented people should definitely get one as they not only look good (aesthetic) but also work exactly like how normal plants work. They can be placed in almost anywhere from your bedroom, to the living room, or even your work desk. There are plenty of benefits as well, keep reading to find out!

Why is it expensive for such a small plant?
Air plants' cycles are long, they take a long time from growth to bloom to having a pup. Hence, air plants require much more time to grow. Moreover, they only bloom once in a lifetime, this is what makes it costly.

How do you take care of Air Plants?
1. Water them twice a week by immersing them completely into a bowl of water, 30 minutes each session. (It's okay if it exceeds 30 minutes, just remember to dry them completely)
2. Dry them by shaking off the water immediately after watering them, and place them upside down on top of a cloth to ensure water is not trapped inside. Let completely dry. Air plants that are not completely dry will cause their trichomes on the leaves to be blocked and will affect their breathing and eventually die.
3. Burnt edges and roots growing are normal, trim them according to your preferences. Burnt edges don't hurt and roots aren't useful for air plants.
4. Remember to dry them completely otherwise bacteria can affect the air plants, the symptoms are plants that started rotting from the middle, leaves in the middle turned dark, and have a wet bottom.

Here are 5 benefits of Air Plants:

  1. Purify Air -  They remove or rather absorb the mild airborne contaminants and chemicals from the air. Some even say that some air plants can filter even severe contaminants that come from cigarettes, paint, and others.
  2. Emit Fresh Oxygen - Like any other plant, it converts carbon dioxide to oxygen through photosynthesis. Hence, it's a great option to place them around you always.
  3. Reduces Stress and Improves Mood - Statistics have shown that green plants do help in feeling more relaxed, calm, and increasing productivity levels. They also give a soothing feeling which makes humans more comfortable.
  4. Regulate Humidity Levels - Due to its nature, air plants can easily regulate humidity levels by filtering airborne contaminants such as dust in our surroundings.
  5. Can be Placed Anywhere - With its characteristics of not requiring soil to stay alive, they can be placed almost anywhere from high hanging to your bedside!

Here are 2 Extra Benefits of having Air Plants! :

  1. Combat Loneliness - Taking care of living things requires effort and thought of the mind, having air plants can be one of the ways to escape depression especially when one's alone.
  2. Fun! - You get to experience the lifecycle of growth, blooming, and eventually the pup. All of these take time but imagine having different forms of air plants throughout the whole time taking care of them. Isn't it cool?

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