Our Very First Workshop (and it's surprisingly-amazing!)

Our Very First Workshop (and it's surprisingly-amazing!)

Hello Club!

We just had our first ever physical workshop on Building Your Own Air Plants Garden on the first Sunday of 2022, 2nd of January! We got to crack some jokes, know more about each other and most importantly, enjoyed our time there to build their very first air plants garden.


Jason, the workshop instructor managed to explain the benefits of an air plants garden at respective spaces and also compared a terrarium with it. Then, it was time for participants to get started. They started off by adding a layer of sand as the base. They were also given sample pictures of past air plants garden to spice up their own ideas.


We got to see everyone's creativity working on it, deciding which color goes first and which fits the best with a bit of Jason's suggestions. After all, there's no right or wrong in art! Some of the participants even started to interact with each other half way through to get more ideas. (They were completely strangers at first!)

Sample.jpg All participants are given a certain number of air plants such as the Tillandsia Rubra, Tillandsia Honduras, Tillandsia Capitata Silver and Tillandsia Medusae. They were also briefed about steps to take care of them by Jason and were asked to refer or DM to @jsairplants on Instagram if there's any post-workshop questions.


After 1 and a half hours, the participants were finally done! We hope everyone's satisfied with it and start 2022 fun!

For more information about the workshop, do drop us a DM to @jsairplants at Instagram. 

Price of workshop starts from RM65/pax to RM100+/pax

Limited participants per session only. First come, first serve!

Contact us now!

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