Glass Globe Airplants: Rubra

RM 28.00

Not artificial plants, not toy plants but airplants!

The Glass Globe Rubra is exactly what you need to fit in your aesthetic and minimalist place. It comes with a glass holder and white sand to enhance your interior.

Rubra, one of the thousands species of air plants (which is also known as Tillandsias), their attributes is that they grow vertically as they grow. Hence, they usually grow tall, not towards horizontally. Do take note that, air plants' sizes becomes stagnant when they reach the size smaller than a palm. They wouldn't outgrow it due to its nature.

What's in the box?

  • Glass Holder (10cm)
  • White Sand
  • Care Guide
  • and .... Air Plant!

How do you take care air plants?

1. Water them Weekly

Get a bowl of water and immerse them completely into it, let it stay in water for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

2. Dry them Thoroughly

Upon removing the plants from the bowl of water, shake the water off and place them upside down onto a cloth to let the remaining water drip till it's completely dry.

3. Place it

Now, you can put it back to the holder. Make sure to avoid direct sunlight and keep it at somewhere where you can enjoy!

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