Air Plant

RM 13.00

Looking for another air plant to add to your collection?

No amount is too much, hehe.

How do you take care Air Plants?

Did you also know that air plants do not need soil to grow? This is why we provide decorative sand instead of soil. And also, they breathe through their leaves, hence you can even remove their roots!

1. Water them Weekly

Get a bowl of water and immerse them completely into it, let it stay in water for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

2. Dry them Thoroughly

Upon removing the plants from the bowl of water, shake the water off and place them upside down onto a cloth to let the remaining water drip till it's completely dry.

3. Place it

Now, you can put it back to the holder. Make sure to avoid direct sunlight and keep it at somewhere where you can enjoy!

Get one from us now! All plants are properly taken care of before handling it to you.

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